Wedding Reception Venues – We Give You The Low Down.

In line with our intention to feature and let people know about great Australian and overseas local businesses – we start today with one of our favorites. It is the wedding venues business, and as we all know, this is a thriving industry with 10’s of thousands of weddings each year in Australia alone, and hundreds of thousands of events taking place worldwide every year.

It is a booming industry, with not just function venues and wedding reception venues around Melbourne getting lots of big business, but also many ancillary and related companies also cashing in. There are florists, photographers, bridal outfitters, favours, car hire, caterers, and of course the list goes on.

What we will try and do with each of our informational posts is to let you know the ins and outs of some of each respective industries questions and solutions. We will try and look at things from the perspective of the consumer, and assess how certain businesses solve the problem of the consumer.

rosesSo for today’s informational post, we will focus on wedding venues, and how people can choose between them, as there are hundred if not thousands of choices to choose from around the country. The most obvious thing to look at first of course is value for money and cost of the event. The price range is around $60 per head for the absolute budget no frills bash, and the highest price can range up to $150-200 per head for a celebration with all the bells and whistles. And then of course is the celebrity wedding or engagement party, and these cost of that is pretty much name your price.

However for us mere mortals, what most of us want is a great day, well organized, with lots and lost of food so no-one goes hungry or complains. It is really not that difficult to get this right – just give the people as much good quality food they can eat. You do not want them going home hungry.

Of course of equal importance is the way the day is run, and not just having enough food, but serving it regularly enough so people don’t have to go looking for it or standing at kitchen doors like vultures waiting to be served.

There is nothing worse at a wedding than not having enough food – well actually there is – not having enough beer and wine, but that is another story. ALWAYS make sure you have enough of both.

There is also the decision of whether to have a sit down traditional wedding reception or having a cocktail wedding reception at a venue like . Many brides have chosen the former in the past, but of late the trend has moved more towards the cocktail party variety. People are not limited to sitting at their table, and there is more mingling, dancing and often fun.

No matter which option you choose if you live in Melbourne, or any other major Australian city, bear in mind the 2 most important things – organization of the process on the day, and make sure the people get enough food. If you have those two bases covered you will be most of the way there in having the greatest day of your life.

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